Monday, August 11, 2014


ENCOURAGECHANGE.Various TD’s and Government Ministers have been stating that the Molloy family are kept up to date. This is the latest letter I have received from the Department of Justice. Which as you can see does not say very much as usual. Is this what we are to expect from the new Minister for Justice.????? Things don’t seem to have changed much in the Department.?Well There Is Only One Way To Find Out?PJ Fitzpatrick Ceo Courts Services Letter 13/2/2003,18/2/2003.Mr Justice Gannon 13/4/1973,Bob Eagar 2/12/1994,Gay Mitchell 20/8/1993,Complaint One Of Many 890587 Garda Complaints Board 18/12/89,Augest 1989 Wrote To Attorney General,Dpp's Office,Department Of Justice.President Of High Court Judge Costello 13/4/1995.Eithne Fitzgerald And Merv Taylor.Maura Butler Sol,Niall Browne,Brian Lynch,19/10/1990.Michael Staines 11/11/1991.Mary Ellen Ring 25/3/1993.President Of Ireland 13/2/1992.Mr Morris Sol Evening Herald 9/4/1992.Pat Mc Cartan,State Side Files 265 ss/1979 277 ss/1979 278 ss/1979 280 ss/1979 289 ss/1979.January 1980 P.Quinn Registrar.Sol Penrose 1960s Kevin St Garda Station???26/9/2000 Mount Joy No.2390.10/4/1964,11/2/1966,14/7/1966,31/5/67.?

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