Monday, July 28, 2014

ENCOURAGECHANGE.: Public Inquiry · Who’s watching the watchers?

ENCOURAG "In light of the present interest in the juvenile justice system would it be possible to find out how many juveniles were in portlaoise (adult prison)when brian lenihan senior was min,for justice from 1964\68,michael o morain 1968\70c,j,h,1961\64 june,how many under 16 were in st patricks instution,was this legal at that time,the watchers were peter berry,risteard mac conchradha,andrew ward,roger hayes,patrick a,terry,michael j,donnelly,john b,olden,paul murry,[michael mellet richard crowe dermot cole vincent mc pherson]governors st pats,kennedy,portlaoise kelly,mountjoy paddy byrne,paddy hayes,rooney,barry,mc fadden,frawley,neylon,foran,and the only decent person out of the whole rotten system was fr,denis bourke the oblate fathers inchicore,musent forget arthur broomfield and p,j,mc evoy they done their own thing,if the 1966 prison report wasent deleted the way it was instead hidden like all other abuses of that time ,michael mc dowell may not be in the trouble hes in today[take note cormac lucey]i dont really know yet where james kirby,stephen magner,des matthews frank dunne fits into all this secrecy,if stephen delaney is still around and i think he is he could probably throw some light on my queries"JUDGE DERMOT KINLEN'S FINAL REPORT? - See more at: http://paddoconnell.blogspot.ie/2010/07/public-inquiry-whos-watching-watchers_16.html#sthash.kpU9CWfw.dpufECHANGE.: Public Inquiry · Who’s watching the watchers?

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