Monday, July 28, 2014

ENCOURAGECHANGE.: ENCOURAGECHANGE.: Public Inquiry · Who’s watching the watchers?: "'I wish to extend my deepest sympathy to judge dermot kinlens family on the death of a fearless and honest human being.he will be truly missed by the marginlaised and disadvantaged in irish society.it will be a test of brian lenihans honesty and conviction to see if he replaces judge kinlens role as inspector of prisons and places of detention with someone that has the same courage and conviction to expose the truth as to what really goes on in what is called the”system”a system that judge kinlen said thrives on a mindset of obsession with power,control and secrecy.judge kinlen was not afraid to ruffle feathers in cosy high places by exposing the hidden appalling and inhumane conditions as well as the lack or non existent 'mental health care'.over the years there has been many a speech made by public officials well published to the effect for example{attorney general}paul gallagher”it is the hallmark of a modern civilised and democratic society that it strives for wisdom,truth,and justice.they must be the fundamental aims of any legal system we adopt in our society.(tell that to the parents of what the state refers to as boy !d!}dead at 14years of age in the land of the celtic tiger?''"
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